AMS 39 Combo

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AMS 39 combo
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The AMS 39” Visi Combo machine has 16 drink selections, 10 chips selections, 10 candy selections. With 40 selections available and a pricing capacity up to $99.95, the AMS 39 is an exceptional value.

Manufacturer: National
Pricing Capacity: $0.00 - $99.95
Dispenses: Refrigerated Foods
Selections: 40
Power: 120 Volts
Weight: 710 lbs.
Dimensions: 72"H x 39"W x 36"D

Remanufactured Condition

  • Vending machine is stripped down to the cabinet
  • Complete sanding
  • Repainted with durable paint formulation
  • New front vinyl or sign
  • New buttons
  • Completely reassembled and tested
  • 90 day parts warranty and 1 year parts on any refrigeration


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