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I cannot tell you how many times when people ask me what I do for a living and I tell them I am in the vending business and have been for 27 years, they pause and they give me a strange look.  That look is because people always seem to be very intrigued by vending, or any cash based business.  People believe there are dishonest and shady people in that type of business.  This is true in ANY business. 

People seem to think cash equates to making money and a lot of it.  Part of the issue is brought on by these marketing companies that sell overpriced, under manufactured vending machines.  This issue is found mainly in the Business Opportunity arenas.  One of the taglines I came across in this was, “Stay at home while your money piles up.” Of course there is a picture of a pile of our US currency right next to it.  This could not be further from the truth.  The truth is you can make money in the vending business just like any other business, but do your homework and due diligence just like you would getting into any business.  Run potential profit and loss statements, potential balance sheets, trial balances, etc.  Write a pitfall sheet along with a “good to get into” sheet.  

The hardest part about the vending business is that is extremely capital intensive.  Once you make a sale and a new company gives you the green light to put your machines in their facility, you must go out and buy the machines.   You will also have to have money to purchase product to put into those machines to have something available to sell the employees at your new client.  As well as money in the form of coinage so your machines can accept dollar bills.   Then, you make another sale and get another location, you must repeat all the steps above along with coming up with continuous capital to invest. 

Additional, you will also need a company to move the machine into your customer’s location after your purchase if the company you buy from is not equipped to do that.   You will need to find a good source to purchase your product for resale at competitive prices.  Along with that, you will need a vehicle that can hold that product to get it there, rather it be beverages, snacks, food, coffee, etc. and a good transport system for moving the product from your vending vehicle to the machines. Usually a dolly that folds into a cart works well.   You will need someone that can fix the machines if it breaks down, again, usually the company you purchased the machine from has a qualified vending technician.

The bottom line is this; if you are considering getting into the vending business and there is money to be made, otherwise I would not have a computer to write this blog, do your homework, weigh your risk vs. reward.  It can be a good business and industry to get into.  I will tell you now, you will NOT be able to sit at home and make a ton of cash.  

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