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Crane Merchandising Systems is pleased to announce that it's Crane Cashless solution fully supports Apple Pay. Although Apple Pay will not be available until later in October, Crane Merchandising Systems has confirmed its solution will work with no changes required.

"Apple's use of standard Near Field Communication (NFC) credit card processing methods means no integration work is required to support Apple Pay," said Brendan Kehoe, Vice President and General Manager of Crane's Streamware division. "Crane Cashless has always supported NFC transactions from mobile wallets such as Google Wallet and Softcard in addition to NFC-equipped credit cards. While NFC transaction volumes have historically been very low, Apple's wide acceptance, ease of use, and unique approach to security may lead to broader adoption."

Apple Pay uses a secure methodology called tokenization that presents a card number for the transaction that is not actually the credit card being used. Translation to the actual card number is done further along the authorization process – minimizing the number of parties that actually transmit, store, and process sensitive credit card data – a significant risk that has been in the headlines many times in the recent past. "We designed Crane Cashless so that we never send credit card data through our networks. Our PCI PA-DSS-certified solution connects directly to the processor. Apple Pay will, however, be a more secure transaction for the providers that do handle credit card data," added Kehoe.

Apple's choice of NFC as the technology foundation for Apple Pay made it possible to support this new form of payment right out of the gate. Had they chosen a different technology, Crane would have been uniquely positioned to add support. "The ability to add new capabilities was a key driver behind the highly flexible, modular design of our Linux-based telemetry platform," said Brad Ellis, President of Crane Merchandising Systems. "As technologies and consumer preferences evolve, both our Navigator retrofit solution and our Media machines are designed to evolve with the market through the addition of new hardware accessories and the delivery of new applications. Our solutions ensure the platform will keep getting better for years to come!"

Operators interested in learning more about Crane Cashless or the MEDIA line of vending machines can contact <a href="">contact our Sales Team</a> for more information,  <a href="/">visit the Crane website</a>, or call 1-800-621-7278.


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